Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mars and back in 6 hours? It could happen......

Holiday-makers are becoming more adventurous in their choice of destination with exotic sounding cities such as Ljublijana regularly featuring in the top ten city break destinations, yet technology reported in the New Scientist could stretch the boundaries even further.

American scientists have developed a hypothetical spacecraft that, if their theory on the fabric of the Universe is true, could get you to Mars in just 3 short hours. The system relies on the creation of a massive magnetic field which will allow the spacecraft to slip into another dimension where, fortuitously, the speed of light is faster, meaning the spacecraft can whiz along in the super-charged slipstream.

So that beats queuing for hours at Heathrow at least, but when can you go? The US airforce is currently showing an interest in the technology, but in a best case scenario, testing may begin in 5 years... so it looks it may still be Malaga for a few summers to come.


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